Welcome back to the internet of 1992

I know hand written html is ridiculously obsolete.
But the Terms of Service for Facebook and its peers are simply unacceptable to me.
I just want to put some photos up, I don't want to cede control of my content just to publish it.
I want to be able to take it down, and have it actually removed from the server in question if I choose to.
So here we have content on my terms in all its Luddistic glory.

VMWare Class

Things I have made. Food and furniture, a quick sample.

Dressers before deployment to master bedroom

Morris chairs, dog not included. 
Chairs made without screws, strictly glue and wood.
Dog made mostly with kibble.

Mortiser used to make Morris chairs.

Table made for neighbor

Sit/Stand desk under construction

Home made sourdough, and beans. 
Pork shoulder on its way to the smoker

Democracy being made

Sausage and Pork ribs


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